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I liked today. There was some strong character driven writing for the Kate cancer storyline and I really like the bond she has with her sons. Phillip and Lucas were both good today. I still cannot get over Chelsea and Dan being over, whenever they have a scene together I expext them to throw everything away and just make out again. But Rachel is giving very strong performances again and I really like her conflicted relationship with Kate.

Gary Tomlin and the new writers must really love to write for Melanie, because they always create something new to keep her upfront. First, they made her a big star of the murder mystery, now she got the will stuff and there is the horror like stuff with Nick and her coming for sweeps.
I quess the Box will eventually open a new story for her and Max too, because the way Bo quickly confiscated it saying he will give to him when the time is right sounded almost like a prophecy. I wonder what is inside.

KA and PR looks like they really enjoy to play tough cops with Max´s little bratty sister. I love all the nonverbal communication between them and how amused they are. Of course, I want to know what´s in the envelope too. I read some recent interview with Molly Burnett and she spoiled Melanie´s life will soon turn upside down again, even more than when her father was murdered so I wonder if it´s connected.

Lexie and Abe are back to fighting, but this time the writers atleast found a realistic reason for their conflict. Lexie so reminds me the black presidential wife from the 24 show. It will be interesting to see what the show will do with their relationship after Abe really becomes the mayor.
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