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Today's episode was good.

Molly Burnett continues to amaze me as Melanie. I really do enjoy her as an actress, and because of that, I'm enjoying her character, who could easily annoy me if not for Burnett being a capable actress to add layers to this character that could be really one-dimensional. She's just awesome.

I'm glad Max is starting to doubt Melanie's innocence. I mean, it wouldn't really be believable had Max continue to back Melanie up against Bo and Hope when it's become more and more clear that she could've been the one that killed Trent. Anyone would start to doubt that. It shows another side to Max, aside from the strong big brother type that he's been playing for the last couple weeks now.

Again, I have to say that Burnett is just amazing. She holds her own against Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso.

Lauren Koslow looked great today. I will always be interested and down for a Roberts family scene. I love that family and always will. I like how concerned Lucas and Philip are. They realize how serious this all is, despite Kate trying to sugar-coat it a bit. And I'm glad they had Lucas questioning Daniel's care rather than Philip. Instead, they had Philip defending Daniel sort of. It shows growth.

I still see no chemistry between Kate and Daniel, but whatever.

They really need to get Chelsea out of this storyline because she continues to annoy me. But I don't feel this way when she's in scenes with Nick and the younger characters. When she's in scenes with Daniel and Kate, and they continue this story of her being bitter about their relationship, she comes off as such a brat.

I enjoyed the scenes at Java Cafe with the Carvers. This is the way Theo's autism should be affecting Abe and Lexie as a couple. It's now believable, and with the mayor angle thrown in, it's great. I loved fierce Lexie emerging when that woman insulted Theo. I thought Lexie was going to grab her by the hair and take her down. Damn them for holding her back.

I also have to say that I'm enjoying the actor that plays Evan. I don't know if this is intended, but the writers seem to be trying to establish him as a character. First, he started off as just a Java Cafe worker, having scenes with some characters to give them their drinks. But then he was put into Abe's campaign storyline and he's been sharing scenes with the younger characters around his own age. I'd love for them to continue engraving his presence and making him a real character at some point.
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