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Oct 28 2008, 03:46 PM
Oct 28 2008, 03:37 PM
I bet now they move faster with Melanie/Nick, if that is the direction they are going in.
Curiously, do you think that's a likely ship? I think that Chick has more of a chance as I'm having the hardest time imagining Melanie giving Nick the time of day after it's been revealed he was gaslighting her. Maybe she'll get over it since she was trying to con him as well, but it's tough to fathom.
I donīt know if it means Melanie/Nick will end up together, but I definitely think it means no more Bobby aka Will. The actress is 20 in RL and she more than proved herself the last few months or so, so I think the show has realized what a waste would be to throw her into some isolated high school romance with "Bobby".

The triangle between Nick, her and Chelsea has a huge potential, but I think they will use her as a new generation Sami and main conflict maker for the entire Max/Chelsea/Nick/Stephanie/Phillip group the show is apparently forming.

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