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phoenix, thanks for that well-thought out post. i agree with you about the focus on appeasing fanbases. over the last decade, i've backed just about every losing horse of a couple there was, from kate and john, to brady and nicole and shawn and mimi, but i never cared when i lost because i was still invested in the overall quality of the show, and there was always something more to keep me hooked.

that being said, i've just been suffering from severe apathy the last two years. i find myself not caring who ej ends up with, because he's unrecognizable and unlikeable as a character. john and marlena's tension is unimportant because their story literally has no direction. it's like that storyline pops up when the front burner characters are on vacation. i love nick, but his current triangle with bitch 1 and bitch 2 is doze-worthy at best. all the other characters i care about seem only important in the context that they occasionally come on to support the so-called angst between these revolving couples. there's not a lot to like about the show right now, no matter if you're a rabid fan-girl or no.
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