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CDN TV Guide spoilers

Nicole accuses EJ of killing Trent to set her up; Nick throws a birthday bash for Melanie.

Sami admits she's pregnant to Rafael; Philip wants his mom to stop her chemo treatments due to her suffering, while Chloe encourages Kate to fight.

Nicole feels her baby kick as she and EJ enjoy a romantic evening at the mansion; Marlena and John discuss their divorce.

Max apologizes to Kayla for not taking her advice before searching for Melanie; John is determined to find the killer who is after Sami.

Melanie confronts Nick about a mysterious note sent to her; EJ joins Nicole for a prenatal visit.

**UPDATED 11/4**

Daytime Dial spoilers

* John becomes determined to find the killer who’s after Sami.

* Lucas and Philip want Kate to end her chemotherapy.

* Nick convinces Melanie to leave town with him.

* Lexie gets jealous when she’s unable to calm Theo, but Chelsea can.

* Melanie receives a worried call from Maggie.

Thursday – Brady returns to Salem.

Friday – Bo and Hope learn the identity of Trent’s killer.


Daily spoilers

Monday, November 10th
Sami sneaks out after Rafael falls asleep; Nicole asks E.J. if he believes she's innocent of Trent's murder; Nick throws a birthday party for Melanie.

Tuesday, November 11th
Philip and Melanie have an unexpected confrontation; Sami finally admits to Rafael that she is pregnant; when Chloe is alone with Kate she encourages her to fight.

Wednesday, November 12th
Nicole and E.J. enjoy a romantic evening at the mansion; Marlena runs into John at the park, and they discuss their future relationship; Philip finally breaks down.

Thursday, November 13th
Melanie faces off with Maggie; Nick tries to get more pain medication; John tries to find the killer who is after Sami; Max apologizes to Kayla for not listening to her advice.

Friday, November 14th
Melanie confronts Nick; E.J. and Nicole go to her first prenatal visit; Sami is furious when she finds out that Nicole was granted bail and is at home with her son; Hope and Bo discover that the caretaker for the cemetery lied to them.

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