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Oct 29 2008, 01:01 AM
Ok...that is far from Dena's fault.

That shit began in the 90's and Corday made it worse by constantly catering to them. The fact that this show has to constantly assure fanbases in every God damn long-term preview or every now and then in articles, blogs, whatever speaks to the fanabse problem Days and all of daytime has. Again, I'm generalizing and not saying every fanbase or every person in one is the problem. Just in general.

I don't blame Dena for this at all. She is probably told to do that in any interview she gives. The fanbase issue is both TPTB's fault and the fanbases fault. Corday created an environment that has Days living and dying by fanbases so he is in constant fear of pissing off even one fanabse, no matter how minimal. That is why the show spends more time worrying about throwing each and every fanbase a bone instead of focusing on telling stories. My hope is that someone gets into Corday's head and tells him this...


Seriously, I blame the internet big time for this. Spoilers, message boards...everything. If we had all this in the 90's, I can guarantee people would be pulling the same shit then too. It's insane. I just hope the show realizes it's all about the stories and that this is an ensemble. The ratings are what they are. Nothing will change them. The show just needs to focus on keeping the audience it has. More Steve/Kayla/Bo/Hope/John/Marlena/etc won't do jack to the ratings without good stories. It doesn't matter who the good stories go to. Just tell good stories. Thankfully, the show has direction now. Dena seems excited here and that is a very good sign. She seems to like both Gary and Chris and all sounds well. That is promising. When everyone is in sync with each other, it shows. The show has responded. Demos are up. Overall numbers are back up. The show has actual stories again and it's not relying on one group (vet, young cast, etc). The vets were big earlier this year and now it's time for the others to shine (of course, contracts have alot to do with it too). Around December, I expect to see the vets more but it's not about one group. It's about the whole show and what is best for it. Everyone deserves time to shine.

I'm with King. I see no problem with this blog. I like it, especially this, which I feel is her best entry. Everyone wanted her to talk about the show. She does so here right off the bat. If you don't want to hear about her family, don't read it. That's all. Just skim the entry and read what you want. Blogs are for personal stuff too and part of the purpose is for us to get to know her. I'm interested in it. If some aren't, that's fine but some are.

I really hope the show gives Sami/Rafe a chance. Like Mason. I'm really annoyed she threw that bone to the Ejami fans. I don;t blame her for it (this goes back to my rant further above) but I just hate that the show feels it has to do that to prevent fans from bolting. Just tell stories and let people decide to stay around. If they don't, try to pick up some other fans to off set the losses. That's all. I just hate when Corday and co hint at who is endgame. It ruins investment in the story. I just hope the show allows for EJ/Nicole and Sami/Rafe to explore things before settling on Ej/Sami.
What “shit” began in the ‘90’s? If you’re referring to Days actually listening and caring about what the audience thinks and wants then you definitely need to scratch the younger Corday off that list. Since his mother passed in ’87 he’s been following his own agendas and the steady decline in ratings reflects that. However the show’s creator Ted Corday firmly believed in reading fan mail and paying attention to magazine letters and polls and listening to incoming calls to the studio. The show was wildly successful, consistently coming in second, just behind Y&R. So your theory just doesn’t hold water.

Corday isn't in fear of pissing off fan bases. He's been pissing on and pissing off fan bases for years now, causing a large portion of the audience to run for the hills and not look back. He gets his rocks off doing it.

I'm interested to know who you think the "fickle fan bases" are? I have a list but I'm sure it's radically different from your. Fans who've stuck around for twenty (plus) years could not even remotedly be considered "fickle".

You certainly like to lay the blame at the feet of the fans while absolving those actually in charge.

Ensemble doesn't mean that all the characters are featured front and center. It simply means a joint peformance, with leading and supporting characters.

The ratings aren't up, they've remained about the same with only a very slight fluxation, which has happened before so that's nothing to get excited about. Where are these "actual stories"? I can't find them. Just plots that begin, go nowhere and are dropped. Which is not the most effective way of drawing in an audience and keeping it.

Corday's constant need to reassure fans is because he's a big, fat liar and he knows it. He desperately wants to hang on to those viewers and so will promise them everything under the sun while never intending to deliver on any of it. He just keeps them hanging on, classic user behavior.

AS for Higley's blog, it isn't her personal blog. It is endorsed by Days and therefore should be about the show. If she wants to talk about her family then she should start her own blog and save this one for Days discussion. I don’t want to get to know Higley, all I want from her is good writing.
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