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Thanks again to the anonymous source!


Week of 11/17:

---The walls closed in on Nick this week. After convincing Melanie that she was the one who killed her father, he talked her into leaving town with him. They headed to an airport motel, where he dropped another bomb: they were going to Vegas to get married. But the real problem came when Melanie had a flashback and remembered the truth. Nick was the killer among them. She hit Nick on the head and tried to escape, but couldn't. Melanie told Nick she knew the truth.

---Meanwhile, Bo, Hope and Maggie conferred. They talked about the pain meds Nick was taking, meds that had caused his mother, Jessica, to do "questionable" things. Then they realized Nick and Melanie were gone. Chelsea and Max arrived and they all looked at the threatening note Melanie had received. Chelsea recognized the handwriting as Nick's and Hope realized that he just might be the killer. Then, Philip and Stephanie listened in on her phone (which Nick had accidentally dialed) and figured out where Nick and Melanie were. Everyone rushed to the hotel.

---Bo and Hope burst into the motel room and Nick accidentally bumped into Melanie, sending her over the balcony. Philip and Bo managed to save her, but it was too late for Nick. Hope arrested him for murder.

---Melanie thought she would (finally) be vindicated, but she instead found herself vilified. Philip, Chelsea and Stephanie all blamed her for Nick's downfall.

---Nicole was shocked when Brady showed up at her door. Shocked And maybe a little jealous was EJ, especially after he learned the exact nature of Nicole and Brady's past relationship. Brady asked Nicole for her help in getting John to remember and she agreed. She called John to ask him to give Brady a chance. Brady offered to return the favor, telling Nicole to call him if she needed any support in her sobriety.

---Brady's arrival turned up the heat between EJ and Nicole. They made love and planned a getaway. Unfortunately, that getaway was interrupted by Stefano, who needed EJ to join him on a business trip. Then Nicole was hit by an intense pain. Her baby may be in trouble.

---Daniel was worried about Kate's complete confidence in him. He confided in Chloe, telling her that he always got too involved in his patients' recovery (as with Chelsea). He didn't want Kate to see his agitation. Chloe promised to keep his secret.

---Lexie is overwhelmed as Abe gives a press conference.

---Marlena called John on his continued bad behavior with Brady, but he didn't seem to care. Later, Marlena came face-to-face with the killer, who demanded info from her re: Sami; then John, "armed and dangerous", showed up......
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