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The more spoilers we get about Nick's upcoming story, the more I'm starting to realize that the questionable doubt I had about this storyline from the beginning was right. I hate that we're going to have scenes in Vegas where Melanie is going to be scared for her life around Nick, and Nick will probably come off as this dangerous killer that wants to talk things out with Melanie, but the way he's acting makes it creepy and Melanie believes he wants to kill her because she knows his secret. That's not necessary.

The Jessica angle is a good way at using history, I guess. I'll give them a point for that.

I hate how everyone's blaming Melanie for Nick's addiction. How the hell is it her fault?

When in the hell did Brady suddenly forgive Nicole for everything she did to keep him and Chloe apart? That's stupid! He loathed her before he and Chloe left Salem in 2005. And now he wants to help her out with her sobriety? That's lame.
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