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Oct 29 2008, 09:39 PM
Oct 29 2008, 09:31 PM
But this is all sounding so insane and if they don't start giving us more clues and setup, I'm gonna be pissed as hell.
I agree. I'm guessing we won't start seeing any clues regarding Nick's out of nowhere addiction until two or three episodes before it's revealed he killed Trent. Stupid pacing.
It could still lead to a good story IF THEY KEEP NICK. I know it sounds like the begging of a rabid Nick fan, but they are laying the in the groundwork for a mental illness story with a character who has the family history to back it as well as the moral conscience to absolutely freak out over it once he comes to his senses. I'm not sure if Mick is salvageable, it might be interesting to watch him try to make amends with her who no doubt would shut him out...which of course it could be pointed out the fact she was using Nick gave him false hope enough to go over the edge with the Vegas trip (guessing). I see more of a Chick reunion where the show could actually have Chelsea put someone else first for a change and try to help him through this.

But what I'm afraid of is they are just bringing up Jessica to try to make it more plausible Nick would go this far before they ship him off the show forever which, if so, it totally sucks for this to be his swan song. Nick fans have always felt a bit gypped when they seem to love to kick our guy around like it's perfectly fine to trample on the heart (and story) of the resident geek. But to make him close to a psychopathic killer and then send him to jail forever would be the cruelest exit ever.
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