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Oct 30 2008, 12:22 AM
Oct 30 2008, 12:10 AM
I wasn't going to respond because we've been down this road before (and you only seem to appear when discussions like this surface) but I figured I should respond.

What “shit” began in the ‘90’s? If you’re referring to Days actually listening and caring about what the audience thinks and wants then you definitely need to scratch the younger Corday off that list. Since his mother passed in ’87 he’s been following his own agendas and the steady decline in ratings reflects that. However the show’s creator Ted Corday firmly believed in reading fan mail and paying attention to magazine letters and polls and listening to incoming calls to the studio. The show was wildly successful, consistently coming in second, just behind Y&R. So your theory just doesn’t hold water.

The "shit" I'm referring too is what goes on now. The constant picking apart of everything. The sense of "entitlement" I talked about, among other things. My point is that if the Internet was around and everything was the way it was now in the 90's, everything back then would've never been looked at as great as it is now. Why? Because fans would know more. Fans would have the Internet and the same issues that exist now would exist then. I look back on that era now and find alot wrong with it that I didn't the first time. Why? Because I know more. Thanks to the internet and other sources. I look at things through a more critical eye rather then just getting lost in the entertainment of it all.

Now I'm not a fan of Corday. I can't stand him and his constant interference but even I can admit he did nothing wrong in the 90's. He stayed out of it. He had to. Langan and Reilly had a nice working relationship and the show was up in ratings in a time when other soaps had difficulty doing that. Not sure why you are bringing up Ted Corday. Ken has control at the time you mentioned and while ratings were down for the late 80's and early on in the 90's but fans loved the show (afterall, that was during the supercouple era). He also oversaw the great ratings upturn of the 90's and he also was the one who promoted B&C, who helped bring the numbers up and bring the show critical and fan acclaim after Langan's reign. He has done more wrong then right in the past ten years but before that it was the other way around for the most part. So, you really didn't refute my theory. I'm talking about what happened after JER left. From 1998 and on is what I'm talking about. All the dropped stories and all the changing of gears over the past decade, especially in the last 5 years. I mean, how can it be disputed that Corday listened to fans when Zack's paternity was completely re-wrote because J&M and Bope fans were upset despite how much dramatic potential the story had. That is just one example. What about Jate, John/Ava, Hope/Patrick, Steve/Billie and his brainwashing story, etc? Now, I'm not saying those stories wou;would've been successful if they were allowed to continue and they are not the only examples. They are just the ones off the top of my head. The issue is they were never given a chance because the show panicked due to fanbase response and dropped it. It's all part of a trend that has only gotten worse in the past few years where the show doesn't stick with anything because it panics everytime a fanbase gets upset. It all goes back to the mentality of trying to please everyone, which is impossible.
This is the part I can't figure out either. Ted Corday died within a year or so of the shows debut in 1965 LONG before Y&R ever premiered in 1973 so him reading fan mail and having the show consistently coming in second behind Y&R didn't happen until the 90's when Ken was already in charge. Y&R's big run at #1 started in the late 80's. Also I don't think there were any big soap magazines in the 60's. I think Soap Opera Digest started in the late 70's or Early 80's.
That confused me too.
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