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Oct 30 2008, 12:38 AM
The problem is its daytime and there are TOO MANY fanbases to attempt to please them all. Grey's Anatomy lacked in quality as well which I think had more to do with people tuning out then the merry go around of Meredith and Derek.

People are misunderstanding. I'm not saying not to speak up or try to get your voice heard. I'm merely saying people have to understand they won't always get their way. It's impossible to please everyone and someone has to lose. Not everyone will walk away happy and TPTB and fans need to understand that. There is much I wanted that I never got as a fan but it wasn't the end all be all for me. Now that is ME. I totally understand that some may choose not to watch if they don't get what they want and that is their right.

Fans in general need to see the whole picture and need to understand that their own self-interests are no more important then the interests of others. The sense of entitlement needs to go. It should be about what is good for the show as a WHOLE. It should be about the stories. It can't be about just certain fanbases or one fanbase or whatever. It needs to be about putting out a show that pleases as many people as possible and produces quality drama and storylines.
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