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Determined to keep Sami safe and sound despite her antics and plots to escape, Rafe pulls a fast one on her this week. "Let's just say he puts her in a compromising position so she can't go anywhere," teases Galen Gering (Rafe).

Sami forces Rafe's hand when she keeps trying to sneak out of the safe house. She even makes a dash for the door while he's in the shower, but Rafe jumps out in the nick of time to grab her before she can go anywhere.

"Rafe definitely appreciates Sami's spunk and tenacity. He sees her as a challenge, and he definitely likes a challenge," says Gering. "That's one of the reasons he's become very successful at the work he does."

Though Rafe thwarts Sami's latest getaway plan, she doesn't give up. "She keeps trying to escape and to use Rafe's phone (so she can get in touch with her family)," notes Gering. "Rafe is confused by the whole thing. What's she doing? It's his job to comply in a professional manner. He has to make sure she's alive. To accomplish that, he has to keep her in the safe house."

So Rafe devises a sure fire plan to keep Sami put while she's in the shower. He swipes her clothes so she's stuck in the bathroom naked. "It's pretty hilarious. She can't go anywhere without her clothes," chuckles Gering, insisting, "Rafe's trying to keep Sami safe."

He succeeds for now, but Sami isn't about to give up without a fight. "That's something that Rafe finds intriguing about Sami; her feistiness," admits Gering. "These characters are going to keep going head to head."

And maybe body to body?

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