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Oct 30 2008, 12:35 AM
I admit that I am not likely to ever be a fan of EJami, but that aside, why does that pairing get a special call out? Thank you Dena you just demonstrated alot that is wrong with soaps these days.The only reason that I could think of is that EJAMI fans seem to be the most vocal. I think that it has become a very big fan base .... going to a soap event proves that Ejami fans are there in large numbers. Plus the show does do marketing research they know which couple is the most popular at the moment.

Exactly. When your fanbase complains about the lack of story for their couple and campaigns, it gets attention from the producers and writers.

One example, un-DOOL related, is with Grey's Anatomy. Fans of Meredith & Derek or MerDer, were upset about last season and how they still weren't together. The ratings started to drop as their fans started tuning out. They also complained & campaigned.

In a recent interview about this season one of the producers made it a point to say the MerDer (yes, that is what she called them in the interview) would be together this season.

So like it or not couple fanbases are important to the success of these shows, especially when the audience has so many other choices as far as programs to watch.
Why are you comparing to primetime? Well since you are I can do the same, on LOST they have killed off several major characters but I haven't complained or quit watching because the show is still good. It's the same on Days, if the stories were good I would continue to watch even when my favorites aren't on. I have in the past and I can again.
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