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Comings and goings:

John Callahan (Dr Baker) The soap vet has been cast as a doctor who will cross paths with Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and will first appear Nov 24. The role is short-term.

Eric Martsolf (Brady) Will make his first appearance in Salem on Nov 13.

Marsha Clark (Judge Fitzpatrick) reprises her judicial role on Nov 3.

Days is casting a 35-40 year old blond psychiatrist


Buzz on the Internet has ATWT's Austin Peck (Brad) who is heavily embroiled in story, and a not-so-embroiled Agim Kaba (Aaron) both on their way out the door -- soon. A rep reminds that the show does not comment on rumors.

Next week:

Trent's killer is revealed
Brady comes home
Philip has an offer for Stephanie
Max comforts Chelsea

Critical mass: MISS!
Who Will Rescue Days' Super Neglected Couples?

What's up with the lack of love for Days of Our Live's super couples Bo and Hope, and Steve and Kayla? The once prominent pairs defined the soap in the 80s and have not waned in popularity since, but their air time sure has.

The fantastic four may have been conspicuously MIA from any meaty story action of their own. It seems all they do is putter around the Cop Shop or hospital. The show scribes got it right when the talented quartet was front and center during Ava's psychotic run through Salem, but then what happened?

If it weren't for a string of tedious murder investigations, Bo and Hope would rarely be on screen. While it's nice to see the pair in any capacity, Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso truly shine when they're depicting love and family strife. Besides, does anyone really want to watch CSI Salem?

Meanwhile, poor Steve gets bounced around plots like a rag doll, and none of them offers a sense of purpose. Why is he smack in the middle of every police investigation, when he's not a cop? And all Kayla gets to do is dole out advise to Marlena and John. Making her the hospital's Chief of Staff was a nice touch, but where is her story?

Days needs to get in touch with what its fans truly want; heartfelt drama involving core characters. It's time to put the super couples back in the show's long neglected best couples.


Nick: Smart Guy, Foolish Choices

He might be a brainiac when it comes to Math and Science, but when it comes to matters of the heart Nick is just plain dumb.

Upon arriving in Salem in 2006, Nick fell head over heels for resident brat Chelsea, despite the fact that she treated him like dirt. Just as Chelsea began coming to her senses, Nick lost his and had a drunken, one night stand with her mother, Billie.

In 2007, just as things were back on track with Chelsea, Nick got conned into marrying another woman. Conniving China Lee took advantage of Nick while he was suffering the ill effects of an explosion and got him to say "I do" in Las Vegas. Upon ditching China, Nick and Chelsea reconciled, until she dumped him for Daniel. None of the above, however, made Nick shy away from love, He was instantly smitten with Max's sister, Melanie, the moment he met her this past summer. Too bad she's just another vixen who's totally undeserving of his love.

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