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Oct 30 2008, 12:08 PM
I'm afraid I have to disagree a little bit. We have way too many guys in the thirtysomething range. Philip/EJ/Lucas/Rafe/Brady. The women are just Sami/Nicole/Chloe. So you've got two extra guys floating around and we get bitching about triangles on this show but that's what is gonna happen when you have more guys then girls.

But they didn't have more guys than girls. They just hired Brady and Rafe, and fired Morgan. If you would have kept Morgan, and now they factor in Stephanie, that would have been 5 each.

The problem is that all these characters will do is flirt and screw because it is hard to build a back story and other conflict for 10 characters, especially when Rafe doesn't have ties to anyone...so he is just there for Sami's benefit.

If they would have kept it as 3 guys and 3 girls and developed them further than just couples, it just makes it more interesting. Phillip and Lucas at Titan with Stephanie. Morgan working for the Dimeras, as is EJ. Sami becoming more self sufficient and finding herself a job sans child, and Nicole and Chloe doing their respective things...it just gives everyone another dimension than just in a pairing...and it gives them other relationships.

I am looking forward to Brady, but I feel like we keep adding characters (Melanie, Dan, Rafe, Brady) and giving them lots of air time while not using others to their potential in a good story.
If there is no story for them, I wish they would let them go. I am tired of waiting for Tanna if there is no story.
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