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Hee, I'll refrain from commenting on Dee looking 35-40 (though I admit she looks great for her age, I refuse to think she looks that young).

Also I'm not a Marlena fan at all and have not missed her one bit, but even I can see the potential in using her in this story and how silly it is NOT to use her. Again, it goes into planning for the story. Using Nick's family history (which we now know they are bringing up) and you have a therapist who was in practice in Salem during that time but yet you don't use her? It's odd.

I'm wondering now more than ever if Days has overused the vets too much this year (budget wise) and they just can't afford to pay them for extra episodes outside their own story.

Speaking of using vets, maybe they could throw Steve in to talk to Nick about going nuts on people? Oh and I was going to ask, did Kayla know Jessica? (This would have been the first Kayla). I'm dying for some Nick/Kayla scenes.
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