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Oct 30 2008, 01:17 PM
I'm wondering now more than ever if Days has overused the vets too much this year (budget wise) and they just can't afford to pay them for extra episodes outside their own story.

I think with Jarlena itīs more the backstage situation than anything. Both of their major stories were canceled and there was no time yet to write anything else so they stayed in a limbo. It will change with Bradyīs return for sure.

On the other side, Tomlin is the one responsible for budget now. And I have feeling he is sort of sorting the characters in two groups. There is the main leading group forming which includes Phillip, Stephanie, Max, Melanie, Chelsea, Nick ,EJ, Nicol, Sami with Bo/Hope and Jarlena and I quess Rafe and Brady. Iīm not involving Abe/Lexie but I do think as long as this autism story is going they are save too.

And next there is the expendable or easy to get rid off group which includes Lucas, Chloe, Kate, Dan with Steve/Kayla and Tonny/Anna. Seems the rule is the latter group is always either on backburner or involved in very isolated stories which can be cut anytime with no impact on the core group.

I do think thatīs one of the reasons Phloe arenīt reuniting after all and the show seems to test Phillip/Steph and Chloe/Dan instead. Chloe can be fired anytime, so I think the show doesnīt want to invest in them. Stephanie is part of a core family and that itself makes her position much stronger.
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