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Oct 30 2008, 04:20 PM
It seems more people were watching soaps at the 1:00pm hour last week than usual.

Also, whatever Tomlin and Whitesell are doing, it's bring back younger viewers to DAYS.
This is huge. This is like a third week in a row the show is gaining in the demos. And it speaks well for sweeps too because the characters who are featured now seems to draw the audience NBC wants.

I really applaud Gary, Chris and I quess Dena too. Now Iīm sorry Corday didnīt hire Tomlin last year and decided for Scott instead. Scott is a great guy but he clearly wasnīt the right one for DAYS.

But the most important thing is NBC will really have a trouble to cancel the show now. Actually, I wouldnīt be surprised if Corday is the one who is holding the deal right now because with the recent numbers he hopes to get more money than NBC originally offered based on Scottīs numbers.

I really hope it will continue.

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