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Oct 30 2008, 08:22 PM
I am trying to stay out of spoilers but I couldn't help but peek in.

The J&M spoiler has been copied and pasted how many times now? Move it along already. I really hate them as a couple because of how they are written. I don't think I would care if they both were killed right now. One I know they would be back eventually and two Dee is phoing in her performances worse than usual. I can't take many more gasps, does Marlena have asthma and we just don't know it?
You noticed the return to the gasping too, huh?

I HATE that. It's funny...that never happened under Ed. I know some will say her phoning it in has to do with the writing but I disagree. The writing for J&M has been stale for awhile and Dee was putting forth maximum effort until Scott left and Tomlin stepped in. Now I feel like it's 2004-2006 all over again. It's annoying.

Glad to see Kayla in a spoiler and I'm guessing the John one is what leads to him hiring Steve.
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