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See, that is what annoys me. We never get anything for just Marlena. It's always Marlena and John, Marlena talking about John, Marlena talking about Sami, Marlena with Sami, etc. This is why when John was gone I was happy. It was all about Marlena. SHE drove story. Hell, even early on when he came back. It wasn't about them as a couple. It was about them as individuals. I want that. I want Marlena to have a story. I want John to have a story. Not always John AND Marlena. Same goes for Bo and Hope. Let's start focusing on the individuals more because I do think that can help create story. This is one instance where you could use Marlena and develop something with her being Nick's therapist. Then again, Marlena has had trouble in the past when counseling people she knows so maybe it's for the best and I'm all for new blood. This is likely short-term anyway so whatever.

Everything sounds good.

I agree with the article on the backburnering but I disagree about them asking why Steve is working with the cops. He's always done that and he is a PI that assists them in digging up some stuff. There is no issue there. I still don't understand the lack of use of Tony, Steve, and Kayla. I can see the others (ncluding Anna, who is recurring) but Thaoo, Stephen, and Mary Beth have lots left on their guarantee I assume so not using them is stupid. Hopefully, they are used more come December. Steve being a PI opens up alot of doors, as does Kayla being a doctor. Let one of them get involved in something and create something from that. The writers focus too much on couples. Focus on the individuals and see where that takes things.
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