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The demos are right but the viewers are wrong. Toups just said the ABC release screwed up with Days' total viewer numbers. It went down 44, 000, which is not bad. It held on to much of it's gain from last week and the show is doing very well in demos. It's #1 by .3 in 18-34, #2 in 18-49, and #1 in Girls 12-17. NBC has to be happy and the show was at 2.0 every day but Friday, which seems to be the day that screws Days every week.

All in all, something is working because Days is really jumping in demos and NBC has to be happy with that. I think what others said is key...the suspense is back and everyday has something happening. It may not be big but it's something and there is a bit more promotion and the previews have been better tailored to make you want to watch. The show is a nice mix of things and it's all about the stories. It doesn't matter who is on. If something is happening, you will see some reward in ratings, demos, etc. Not only that but what a difference having some story direction makes. The minute Days started committing to story direction and actually building stories that will have an impact, the numbers responded. It just goes to show you stay the course until you have enough reason not to. The lack of cohesion and lack of direction held it down all spring and summer and now that the show has improved on those issues, the result has been positive.

Hope it continues. I think Galen and Eric will help in the demos. HH and viewers...not much but demos for sure. I do think this will help Corday with finances in discussions with NBC. It won't help much but it helps a little.
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