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Oct 30 2008, 11:17 PM
What's sad is that DAYS seems unable to create any new character that inspires the sort of passion that a Marlena, Bo, Hope, and Patch did when they were created. EJ and James Scott have become very popular and I would say that Jay Johnson has in his second run, but in the last ten years, nothing new has been created to mirror the 70s 0r the 80s, and for the most part, even JER's success was based on the popular characters from the 80s. The show not only has to create new characters, but characters that the audience can connect with. The Melanie character could be a good start, they have to really dig down deep into who this girl is, why she acts like she does, and then pair her with someone fresh and new. The days of hoping the over 50 set is going to keep DAYS on the air is over.

I don't want the vets gone but they can't be the whole show anymore. They need to be prevalent and involved. They need to have stories but the ratings don't live and die by the vets anymore. They use to but the ratings have gotten to a point for all shows where nothing will bring them back to where they were. That is why Days may as well gradually move the show into a new era where the vets aren't as heavily relied on. That does not mean you ignore them and don't play them. It simply means you don't force the issue with the vets and you certainly don't keep telling the same sort of stories with them because that gets the show nowhere. Have them young cast involved with the vets and build them up.

Melanie is a nice start and I think the show has a strong 30's cast to rely on. The young cast is strong. They just need some characters not connected to the main families. They had Morgan but screwed that up. They have options. Bring back some more Horton's or maybe break the proverbial rule of not mentioning them and bring back Rex and Cassie and find some way to reverse them being Brady's. That would help.
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