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While this is slightly OT and is clearly looking at worst case scenarios, it does, IMO, reflect much of what we've all seen/read when it comes to Terry -- and therefore it might be something to consider / keep in mind when it comes to him.

This link and quote below focuses mainly on TV anchors, due in part to the recent attack on Anne Pressly, (a reporter for KATV in Little Rock Ark, who died of her injuries on the 25th). Her killer has not been caught (yet) and police don't know if it was a stalker, a random murder or someone who knew her.

More on her here <http://arkansasbusiness.com/article.aspx?lID=64&sID=65&ms=66&cID=ZZZ&aID=109397.54928.121523>)

The link for the article on obsessed and potentially lethal "fans" is here:


And to copy/paste of a couple of paragraphs that relate to any tv personality:

"Experts say obsessed fans are a nationwide problem.

Stuart Fischoff, a psychology professor at California State University in Los Angeles who specializes in those who stalk media personalities, said stalkers often obsess over local celebrities because they often feel a special attachment to them.

"Through our research, we have found that celebrities that appear on television elicit more stalkers," said Fischoff. "For one thing, the person appears much smaller on the television, not like the movies where they loom over you.

"The television is in our homes, so it feels like they are a special guest in our lives. The stalker then creates an imaginary relationship with the person that they watch."

Fischoff said a stalker might feel as though he intimately knows the object of his obsession.

"Often, it's easy to contact their local news anchor. They can send them notes and receive autographed pictures, which then become fodder for their fantasy. It's like there is a presumed intimacy between the person on television and their stalker."

(end copy)

Again, just MHO, but this sounds too much like Terry and indicates it might not be safe to write him off as a moron seeking attention -- which he may well be -- and for sure I'd rather believe that's what he is rather than the alternative...
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