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Oct 31 2008, 03:04 AM
I have a feeling that the reason we aren't seeing much of Steve and Kayla, is Dena is having a hard time writing for them....While they were a hugely successful couple in the 80's, they haven't been able to really reconnect with the new fans and pretty much all their stories have sucked since their return..Hopefully with the help of Tomlin and Whitsell, they can figure out how to write for them, or i would say they are probably expendable..
I have wondered if Dena has any issues with how they went to Ed Scott to ask for a fallout scene at the end of of the Ava storyline. I guess in Dena's mind when a woman walks in on her husband in bed with his crazy ex they are not supposed to talk about it. Oh, and they are supposed to completely act like it never happened.

So I will admit my bias up front, but really how hard can they be to write for? Even if you can't think of an individual storyline for a PI who has basically has SIXTEEN years unaccounted for or a hospital Chief of Staff who could also have some interesting time from CA, both of whom have long connections and relationships with tons of characters on screen - well, at a minimum it would make some sense to have Kayla interacting more with Marlena to support her with John or Steve interacting with John about the Stefano soldier connection/revenge, etc.

And to boot, both Stephen and Mary Beth are very strong actors who care about their characters and are not going to phone anything in. Steve is the type of character who can easily do some golden comedy scenes or can bring the angst and pain in a way few male actors can. Ditto for MBE.
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