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Ok... Here's what I think. EJAMI fans don't want Nicole to have her baby, and EJOLE fans don't want Sami to have hers. I see needless bickering in this little discussion. You guys are never going to get the other side to see things your way. EJOLE fans are just as guilty of saying things to further thier own idiology as EJAMI fans. Why can't we just all agree to disagree? Why make the other fan base feel like they have NO RIGHT to feel the way they do? I think that the bashing needs to stop. Even on a soap, watching someone miscarry or have a baby born dead is not fun for those of us who have had to go through it in real life, and I can't believe that anyone would really want to watch that just to further their fan bases agenda. :soapbox: Get off your soapboxs and deal with the fact that the way this storyline is being written, neither fan base is going to be truely happy for quite a while, because Dena is playing both sides for fear of losing fans.... thinking she's making everyone happy by playing both sides. :shrug: Doesn't mean I agree with her thoughts, but I can't stand to see any fan base thinking that their favorite couple going where they want it to go is worth watching someone... any one..... go through the loss of a child. I've been there. I am an EJAMI fan through and through, but I'd NEVER wish to watch someone go through that kind of loss.... not even Nicole.... who I think wants the baby but doesn't really deserve it given the way she wormed her way into an already existing relationship between a COUPLE and is now demanding that he pretend she was never important to him. Please don't shoot..... it's just how I feel. Maybe we could all be just a MIGHT bit more sensitive to the other fan base????? None of us are having any fun right now, and it isn't the other fan base's fault.
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