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Oct 31 2008, 11:20 AM
Even on a soap, watching someone miscarry or have a baby born dead is not fun for those of us who have had to go through it in real life, and I can't believe that anyone would really want to watch that just to further their fan bases agenda. :soapbox:
I'm sorry for your loss, but I don't buy the argument that the only reason anybody wants a miscarriage or stillbirth storyline for either Sami or Nicole is that they don't want the other fanbase to "win." I'm an EJole fan but I wouldn't mind if Nicole miscarried. I think AZ would handle that storyline beautifully and that it could be truly moving and emotional. As for Sami miscarrying, I have had issues all along with Sami having a completely unnecessary fourth child. While I don't think AS is as good an actress as AZ, I would imagine that she also could turn in a compelling performance.

The bottom line is that IMO there are very good storyline reasons for either to miscarry or suffer a stillbirth. That's not "wishing" evil on characters. It's wanting the fictional characters on a fictional show to have a story that makes sense and, in the manner of the best of soaps, can break your heart for the characters.
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