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faithloveright - have you been to the EJami fansite? All they do is wish for the EJole baby to die and look forward to Nicole suffering for it, and I don't think it is because they want to see Ari rock the scene.

It totally sucks to read about people wishing for a stillborn/death of a baby, especially if you have experienced it before and the agony it brings. It is the lowest of low feelings.

However, if a soap wants to do it, that is fine especially if the actress handles it correctly and you see her pain, but I am just experiencing the total fanbase desire for it just so it benefits their precious couple and it really makes me sick. Some of the comments I have seen are plain nasty and the reason that I gave up on that site.

I don't mind soaps portraying miscarriages and deaths of children as it is drama and brings the great scenes, but hostile fan reaction and reading fan thoughts about it (die, alcohol soaked fetus, die!!!) is pretty new to me. I know they are characters, but some things just could be left unsaid.
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