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THank you... that's what I'm saying... I read on here... someone mearly wanted to know when a character was going to tell another that she was expecting his child, and then all the sudden someone is going into how they want that baby to die in utero, and it just seemed wrong... and Yes... I have been on the EJAMI sight, and I've told them over there what I think of them saying what they are saying about wanting to see Nicole lose her baby. Just because one fan base says something doesn't mean that it is automatically just fine and dandy for the other to say it... for crying out loud. Yes... these are all fictional characters on a fictional show, but if it isn't neccesarry to kill off a baby, why wish them to do so? I mean, agree... the writers didn't NEED to make both Sami and Nicole pregnant, but they did. That doesn't mean that just because we root for one couple that means that the other couple's baby needs to die... that's all I'm saying. It's hard for a fan of EITHER base to read such statements about their favorite couple. I was simply pointing out that neither fan base is happy at the moment... neither fan base is enjoying that the other woman is also pregnant with EJ's baby. I think that instead of attacking one or two innocent fans who never did or said anything negative about the other fan base just because someone somewhere did is unfair and unneccisary. Why can't you just keep to the topic? She asked when people thought Sami was going to tell EJ, not if you think that she should be having the baby or not. If you want to talk about that, maybe you should start a post on that .... start a debate. then only people who are willing to have their views attacked will be in there reading it. In answer to the original post, which everyone else in this discussion seems to have forgotton all about..... I think that EJ is probably going to find out during Feb. sweeps... around the same time she finally admits how she feels about him to his face.
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