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Today's show was pretty good!

I just can't say it enough...I hate me some Bo and Hope right now. Her snobbery and smugness just pisses me off to no end dealing with Melanie and Nicole, but when it was Max or Caroline, Hope was so far up their ass it wasn't funny.
By the way, why isn't Max still in prison? How did they get him out even though they found a tshirt with Trent's blood all over it after Max confronted him in the cemetary the night he died???

Oh my EJ where have you been? I love it when EJ gets pissed off! They should have made him wear black for extra effect! I love it that Nicole brought it out in him...and that she saw him like that. It must be true love because EJ only treats those women he loves like shit.

And boy, does wrong news travel fast! Phillip, Stephanie, Victor, Melanie, Nick, Max, Caroline all think Nicole did it...and she hadn't been booked yet.

I liked me some Phillip and Stephanie, but really tired of Steph constantly talking about Max.

And again, Nick just looks like he is stoned...what have they done to my poor upstanding citizen Nick?

Great show today!!
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