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Oct 31 2008, 01:45 PM
wow. if the people on this board really think it is perfectly ok to say whatever they want about whatever they want whereever they want to whomever they want, even after being told that they are being offensive, I can guarentee, this will be the last time I EVER visit this site again, and I'll make sure that eVERYONE I know stays away as well. It's just plain rude.
faith - what is so wonderful about this board is that people can say what they want about any character and it is fine. And as long as they aren't attacking posters, it is fine. It's all in good fun regarding the show, and on this board 99% of the time, it is all in good fun.

If you find it offensive, I am sorry, but just don't read it.

And I agree, on some boards I used to visit, it wasn't that they wanted the baby to be miscarried or stillborn, it was the way they said it with so much anger and hositility- and you know what I am talking about - so my solution is to not post there and get affected by it anymore.
I don't see that kind of talk here. In fact, people are pretty easy going in recognizing how stories are being played out. There is no malice!

If some things touch us personally, we remind ourselves that it is just a silly story with fictional people, and if it still hurts us, we should find a different show until the story is over.
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