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I think it's all been logical. Caroline was caught with the murder weapon, standing right above the body. She later admitted to having a confrontation with Trent at the Pub that was witnessed by people in which she threatened Trent with a knife. That is why the charges against her stuck. Max....all they had was the bloody shirt and he admitted the blood was from a fight they had earlier that night, which was witnssed by Chelsea, Nick, and Melanie and I assume the Salem Inn cameras can vouch for him on when he was there to back up his story. The show made it a point to bring up how the DA didn't think they had enough on Max, unlike Caroline, who they had a ton on, so they didn't pursue further action with Max. As for Melanie, she lied and planted evidence on someone else, which is why Bope were so harsh to her. She was impeding the investigation. She had Trent's wallet, which places her at the scene. She openly threatened Trent at the Pub and had motive. As for Nicole, they can place her at the scene of the crime due to the bead. She openly lied to the cops about not confronting Trent at all prior to his murder. She was seen several times at the Pub with Trent. She had motive because she lost everything because of him and the letter and torn marriage license Trent left reveals that he felt threatened by her. And here is the key...she has a history which goes along way. I've heard of that happening in real life where a past history plays a role in how you are deal with. She may not have been charged but they all know she tried to kill Colin and Victor (several times). You have enough to hold her and the DA, who was mentioned, probably deemed it enough and it's logical that the DA would.

My favorite part of today's episode was EJ. He came alive today and JS seemed to channel all of his frustration with the writing for himself of late into his performance. Very good stuff. He was right to. Nicole needed to be put in her place. I like her but enough was enough and I;m glad he emphasized how it's no longer just about her...it's about the three of them. I don't mind Bo and Hope being smug with Nicole or Melanie. They both have done themselves no favors by lying to the police and Nicole has never got along with Bo and Hope. To be fair, Hope did say they would make sure Nicole and the baby would be ok. I did like the Bo/Melanie scenes and how dismissive Melanie was of Bo's trying to be nice to her. Good scenes.

Nice that they threw in Nick taking a pill LOL. I don't think that was very subtle. I prefer his weird behavior and how haggard he looks. That to me is a better way of showing something is up then the pill but whatever. I did like the ending too with them making Melanie look guilty as sin right after a teary-eyed Nicole said someone else did it. That was a nice touch and reminded me of something we would see during the SSK story. Good cliffhanger and it set things up for the audience to know something more is up.

I just loved Philip and Stephanie. I like that they have Philip interested in Melanie because she is interesting. She is like a little toy for him. Very Victor-like. I also appreciated them having Stephanie ask for brandi when Philip offered her a drink. It makes her seem older LOL. They do look good together and they seem to enjoy working together. Good scenes. I had to laugh too with how fast word travels in Salem LOL. Shelley looked amazing today too.

Sami and Rafe was good to start. Galen didn't get much but he didn't go overboard. He was reserved and didn't go too far, which he could've in these scenes. There was chemistry but it wasn't off the charts. It could be but it's hard to say on the first day. Sami was classic Sami again with her trying to be the victim LOL.

All in all, a good end to a good week.
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