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I wasn't sure I'd like Galen on the show at first, but boy did i change my mind..I loved his introduction and it was fun watching Sami squirm..I think i'm going to really enjoy this witness protection storyline...And i think Galen and Ali have a nice chemistry...

Now onto James Scott and Ari Zucker, kudos to both of them for a great performance today....Loved EJ going off on Nicole and telling her to stop complaining everytime he mentioned Sami...Also great ending with Nicole telling the audience she didn't kill Trent and them making it look like it just might be Melanie...Seriously, this murder mystery is great so far...

Also Phillip and Stephanie as friends is great...I really hope Tomlin and Whitsell can end the incest and put Phillip and Stephanie together..Then give us a story of Patch and Victor objecting to it...

Very good show today...The show really has kicked it up a notch, which i'm very happy for..The writing is so much better for the majority of characters and each day has been entertaining..The show is not perfect yet, they still have some kinks to iron out, like the lack of story for Tony, Anna, Stefano, Steve and Kayla..and also its time to get John and Marlena story back to the frontburner..But you can tell the groundwork is starting to be laid out..
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