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Oct 31 2008, 04:36 PM
As for age thing, SORASing is a weird topic. Yes, KA isn't old enough to be Brandon Beemer's mother but Hope is while LK isn't old enough to be RM's grandmother but Kate is. But they were there, established before the characters who are related to them were "aged" and so it's easy to just let that issue go.

When a new character comes in, I tend to take the actor's REAL AGE and compare it to the other actors RL age. That's why I had such issue with SC and RM because the show attempted to make us believe SC was no where near his real fortysomething age.

Putting her with the veterans would basically give her no story. The only two unattached actors (not counting John) would be Dan and Roman and I'm not interested in seeing her act opposite them. We've got so many guys in the thirtysomething age range and she's barely past that, I have no issue having her act opposite those guys and see how it works. Truth be told, I have no issues with her acting opposite Blake Berris or Darin Brooks (anything to break the incest) as a potential love interest as long as the show confronts the age difference instead of trying to pretend it's not there.
Um, Hope is certainly not old enough to have a son in his late 20s. Hope, the character, was born in 1974. That means she would be 34 right now. If you go by when Kristian Alfonso joined the show in 1983, Hope was said to be 18. That would mean that Hope was born in 1965. Still, she would be 43. Shawn is in his late 20s, which would mean that Hope would've had Shawn when she was in her teen years and we all know Hope wasn't a pregnant teenager.

Ages on soaps, especially DAYS, you can never be concrete with ages. However. Sandra Ferguson seems like she would fit in perfectly with Kristian Alfonso in her age group, which is why I said that I would think she would be in that age group and if that's the case, I think she's too old for any of the men mentioned. That would be like Hope being involved with Philip. I just wouldn't want to see it because Philip is the same age as her son and it's weird.

Sandra Ferguson and Darin Brooks or Blake Berris??? You're kidding right. That would be in the same boat as Daniel and Chelsea, if you ask me. I think that would just look ridiculous.
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