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I had the recent pleasure of hanging out with two of "Days of our Lives" latest stars, Eric Martsolf and Galen Gering.
Both guys may look familiar because they used to be on the daytime drama "Passions." This may explain why they were so comfortable with one another, joking around and even giving me a joint interview over their lunch break.
I'll start with just a few of the questions I got answered by sitting down with Galen, while Eric ate his lunch

Days Insider: How has your time been so far over here at "Days of our Lives"?

Galen Gering: I am having a blast. I am playing a fun character. It's a fun relationship I am working with. I play a character by the name of Rafael, or "Rafe," which is my grandfather's name in real life. So, this character has a little extra special meaning for me. You get the heartfelt stuff here. Anyway, I play a cop who is assigned to protect Sami and she's a pain. But, what she doesn't realize is that her game is not tight enough to take on RAFAEL HERNANDEZ!

Eric Martsolf: That's all you got! I am all ready to walk down the aisle with Chloe and Nicole. Apparently, Brady is off the drugs and ready to take Salem by storm.

D.I.- What has it been like sharing scenes with Alison Sweeney?

G.G.- Awesome! I have known Ali for a long time; while working at "Passions," we have done press stuff together. We actually even hosted some stuff together. Besides having fun working with Ali, I am having fun working with her character. She's spunky and throws it right back you. We play off each other very well. She and I were just talking about how much fun we are having with our characters.

D.I.- Eric, how does it feel to come into a role as a re-cast?

E.M.- This is not the first time I have been in this situation. When I was on "Passions," I came in mid-scene as Ethan. My first scene was my face smashed up against plexiglass. I think my transition here will be a lot easier.

D.I.- Are you ever surprised with just how dedicated your fans are?

G.G.- Totally. There are pictures of me out there as a child that I haven't even seen, myself.

E.M.- There are wedding photos of mine that were taken in the compounds of my home, that all of a sudden made an appearance in some mash-up video made by a fan in Virginia.

D.I.- Do you have a craziest fan encounter story?

G.G.- I have a really good one! This woman who was incarcerated in West Virginia kept writing me over and over and with things like, "We're soul mates," and "I am getting go out soon and we'll be together." It started freaking me out. So, anyway, I searched and found out the exact date she was getting out and it turned out I really did have an autograph signing in that area at the exact same time. I was really freaking out. I alerted security and everything and she never showed up. Maybe she really never got out, who knows.

E.M.- I once had a woman start screaming at me in a grocery store that I was an idiot for still being with Gwen and not Theresa, then she just walked away.

So, there you have it. My short time spent with the newest additions of "Days of our Lives." I hope you look forward to their appearances as much as I do.

In fact, give me your thoughts. Who would you like to see Rafael and Brady share more scenes with? What do you think is in store for these two very different characters?
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