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Oct 31 2008, 03:24 PM
I loved EJ today too! Galen wasn't that bad. He was better than what I expected him to be by the preview.

I am also not liking Bo and Hope right now (Hope is bugging me more though). The cocky attitudes they have are driving me nuts. Also, it irritates me how they act like that have all this evidence against Nicole. Bullshit! The fucking note doesn't mean anything and the button doesn't prove anything either. Yet Caroline is totally in the clear now?? They found her holding the murder weapon over his dead body and only her prints were on it. What a joke!

Overall a pretty good show today.
I totally agree with everything you said. It's about time EJ told Nicole off. Now, if only there was a reason for him to do the same to Melanie. She'll probably need a lawyer soon anyway when bope comes back to harass her again.

I don't see why Caroline and Max have been cleared so quickly either.

I was sort of open to a Phil/Stef pairing until she got all weird on him about liking Melanie. How is that even any of her business? She already dragged Max down. There's no reason to let it happen to poor Philip too. Philip kept calling Melanie a woman over and over again. Is she being sorased? That would make bope's treatment of her a bit more tolerable.

Classic Sami was fun.

Oh, what happened with Bo's bid to be Commander? Did he get the job?
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