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Bope is driving me crazy, especially Hope. No way does a note and a torn up marriage certificate = being locked up in a jail cell awaiting an arraignment. One would think a shirt with the vic's blood all over it, would put someone behind bars a lot quicker than what they have on Nicole. Only in Salem I guess :drunk:

I am not really liking Phil and Stephanie, not as a couple anyway. Not seeing much chemistry there. Anything is an improvement over Stax though.

Sami.... ahhh our dear Sami. Stupid as ever. Back to being scheming sort of, but in such a stupid way. I guess that's Sami's MO though ;) I wasn't super impressed with GG either. I thought the acting was pretty flat. But, I'll give him some time to warm up to the role.

I loved the ending though. The way they used the knife with Melanie. Spooky! Perfect for Halloween :applause:
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