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Nov 1 2008, 09:14 AM
Oct 31 2008, 05:02 PM

Also if they had tried to pair Dan up with Morgan and Stephanie, I'd not had a problem with it. My issues began (but certainly not limited to, boy, did Chan have so many problems) how this respected doctor could be interested in the most immature character on the show who looked much younger than she really was. When confronted early on, age difference can be a good story for a couple to try to overcome (Joey/Dorian on OLTL comes to mind) but when the show tries to absolutely ignore it, it angers people including me.

But again, I'm sure we aren't lucky enough for Sandra to be used as a long term character at all. Because...we need to make sure the Passions actors get off the unemployment line.
Seriously, Stephanie is a mature character? I donít think so. I know we all are entitled to our own opinion but Stephanie can't even act and she is always wining and bitching. The only thing SH has going for her is her looks thatís it. Chelsea on the other hand is better convincing us how she can be a mature person or even a brat. So I disagree with Stephanie being mature.

I didn't say that Stephanie was a mature character. I said that Chelsea was more immature than she was (as well as she looked young whereas Stephanie does not). The worst thing with Stephanie is how she is so submissive to Max but honestly would work in an older man/younger woman dynamic. Yet another issue with the Chan coupling is I couldn't buy Chelsea allowing Dan to lead her around...(such as helping her choose her career path as an OT which I'm still NOT buying). Now Stephanie I could buy going to someone and asking them what she should do with her life. I'm not saying I necessarily like it but I would feel it would work more for her then someone as aggressive and independent like Chelsea.

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