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Oct 30 2008, 11:17 PM
What's sad is that DAYS seems unable to create any new character that inspires the sort of passion that a Marlena, Bo, Hope, and Patch did when they were created. EJ and James Scott have become very popular and I would say that Jay Johnson has in his second run, but in the last ten years, nothing new has been created to mirror the 70s 0r the 80s, and for the most part, even JER's success was based on the popular characters from the 80s. The show not only has to create new characters, but characters that the audience can connect with.

I totally agree with all of that.

The Melanie character could be a good start, they have to really dig down deep into who this girl is, why she acts like she does, and then pair her with someone fresh and new.

I would disagree there. I donít like Melanie and want her gone instead of sucking up all the airtime. She was badly introduced and there is nothing about her I like and could connect to. Itís just a poor rip off of Nicoleís back story.

The days of hoping the over 50 set is going to keep DAYS on the air is over.

I disagree. There are some fairly big fan bases for those characters who would still want to see them. If their days are over then why do they continue to have such large and loyal followings? Arenít those big fan bases important to Days overall health? Can Days really afford to lose anymore fans?

Introducing new characters is a subject that always pisses me off. My little rant that follows isn't directed at you or your post and just on the subject in general.

The old method of introducing new characters was gradually. It takes an audience six months to a year to get to know a new character well enough to decide if they like or dislike them. You tie them to someone already on the show. You bring them on in bits and pieces. Slowly and always as a minor player in someone elseís story for that period. Most important you never ram them down the audienceís throat from the start.

There are exceptions to this rule. Because the it factor. Certain actors catch the audienceís attention quickly for whatever reason and they catch on quickly. It doesnít happen often.

For a long time the writing talent for soaps has declined and Days has a penchant for hiring god awful writers fired from other shows for driving down the ratings. They want to create their own new characters and so poof you have the flavor of the month in your face relentlessly. I donít know about anyone else but that isnít who I tune in to see or care about seeing.

One thing that truly pisses me off is that some of the characters a big portion of the audience wants to see are on the backburner for financial reasons or sheer lack of storyline and yet Days hires five or six new people within a short period of time. Ok, I understand that they work much cheaper but I would gladly trade those characters for more screen time for characters I actually want to see. But with the writers weíve had these days even then the stories would still suck.
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