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Oct 30 2008, 07:37 PM
Oct 30 2008, 06:25 PM
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Oct 30 2008, 04:10 AM
People like you are huge part of problem because you will never allow the show to evolve or move on. For example, you never saw even one scene with Melanie yet you are already want her gone. Why? Just because she is new? So the show cannot have any new characters? Any new couples?

Itīs like some fans are literally stuck in time.
I love this attitude. I don't see how a viewer is ever to blame if they no longer like a show. S O W H A T ???
Who said anything about blaming viewer? I said someone who isnīt even watching can hardly judge if the show is boring or not. And he certainly cannot decide if some characters created after he stopped to watch should be on or not.

Um, you said, "People like you are huge part of problem because you will never allow the show to evolve or move on." As well as, "Itīs like some fans are literally stuck in time." Seems like blaming the fans to me. Don't know what else you can call that.

Days is a business just like any other business. If I have a lemonade stand and have been successful at it for years, with happy customers that keep returning, but then I decide to change the recipe and quit adding sugar, and all my regular customers start complaining, do you think I should bitch about them being reluctant to change their taste for my lemonade? Wouldn't it be smarter if I instead listened to them and decided if I want to keep them around to take their nickels I should go back to the recipe they liked? Or do I just tell them to go to hell and wait around for some people to acquire a taste for my brand of lemonade? If I do tell them to go to hell, who's fault is it if they never come around my stand again? And if I keep my new recipe and get a few people to like it, and I lose money but I still am able to keep my lemonade stand... then a few years down the road I wake up and think, gee I miss those steady happy customers, so I think I will change back to my old recipe... am I just caving in to the demands of customers that I only tolerate or am I being a smart business person? Either way, it's hardly the lemonade drinkers of the world who are dictating my destiny or the fate of my business. They can always find lemonade somewhere else... but if they come back to my stand because it was the best they ever had, then it seems to me that I should embrace that, not tell them they are the problem.
Great analogy!
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