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Nov 1 2008, 10:48 AM
I would like to mention that Tuturo was pretty fun as was Hilda, so I think they did a great job drawing out Sami's WP and having it be as fun as it could be with all the different characters. While I think that GG reminds me of Joey Tribbiani (keep waiting for him to say "how you doin'??), I think his scenes with Sami will be fun and bring a light element to some of the darker topics that they have going on.

And I got a bit scared when EJ went off on Nicole too. I think Nicole did too. I just love it when characters make me react...and suprisingly it came off as if he was mad that she was screwing up all the plans he had for them, not that he doesn't like her and wants her gone.

Just want to reiterate that Friday's show was awesome, especially the ending with Melanie. If I didn't already know who did it, I would swear it was Melanie. Creepy!!!
It really wasn't too bad. My most pleasant surprise? Enjoying Chloe! My second most pleasant surprise was enjoying Classic Sami again. Dang, I wish they could have kept Nick Tuturro. But, I guess I'll have to give Galen a chance.
I'm kinda summing up this week, because I watch in fits and spurts.
That was a nice little "awww" moment with the interview with Lexie and Abe this week.
Philip and Melanie???? Philip and Stephanie??? OK, maybe Philip and Stephanie weren't too bad, but why oh why oh why can't they bring on a woman about his age for him? Lucas is getting a girl his own age (for now). EJ is getting a woman is own age. Daniel............never mind. Why can't Philip rate a woman his own age?
I really worry about this whole Nick thing.
OK, I love Bo and Hope, but guys, LAY OFF!! I felt for Nicole. But the EJ yelling scene? I hate to say it, but Nicole needed some perspective. I can't blame EJ for exploding.
Anyone put out a search for Steve and Kayla? Please?
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