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-I liked the song choice. It's very catchy and the promo is well put together. I like the taglines that float across the screen (Temptation, Hero, etc). It looked very nice and classy IMO and since most of the stuff in promos airs this week (the Ejole love scene will probably air next week, much like the shirtless Rafe scene in last week's promo airs on Monday's episode of this week), I hope they keep with the song and look of these promos through at least November,

-I like who they featured because this is clearly the audience they are going after and this would get them to tune in.

-The stuff in the promo looked good, particularly the Ejole love scene, Sami/Rafe, and even Chloe/Daniel as I saw major sparks there.


-I watched Monday's episode and the Philip/Melanie scene is a fantasy but, given that fact, it was a mistake to put it in the promo. Not because he's older because I don't think that is as big of a problem in general as it is for many of us on the DR or other boards. Days has had older man/younger woman couples before, most of which had the woman around the age of 18 or close to it (Brady/Chloe, Austin/Sami, Max/Abby, etc). However, having watched the scene and having witnessed the way they are writing this Philip/Melanie thing...the promo is too deceiving. Philip has mentioned he finds Melanie interesting and, as I said, he sees her as a toy. She challenges him and likes to control the situation. He likes that. She's similar to him. If he wanted her, he would've had her last week when she tried to seduce him. I think he just feels bad for her too and she is also a distraction. He is haggard and clearly strung out on Monday's episode. I think they are having him be fascinated by her to set it up for later when she uses him for something. That is what I think will happen and it also tosses Philip into the mix with Max/Stephanie further so I can see what they are trying to do.

I do think Philip/Melanie and Chloe/Daniel was tossed in there for shock value. The thinking had to be that those fans who see that (which isn't many considering you basically have to go to the website, youtube, or watch NBC primetime consistency to see it) will wonder what the hell is going on and tune in. Not a bad strategy but it makes things confusing and will piss people off when they tune in and see it's not what they though, although who knows with Chloe and Daniel.

I don't expect Days to hop on board the Bo/Hope/Steve/Kayla/John/Marlena train again until December. Bo and Hope will be active, just not in their own story, and it seems like J&M start to get going as around mid-late November so December will probably be a big month for them and the vets. The promos will be different each week since this only covers next week it seems so Brady's return, the murder reveal, etc will definitely be covered. I just hope they keep this promo style.
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