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Nov 1 2008, 07:02 PM
I'm back and I've had some time to cool off. While I understand that sometimes in order to further a storyline, I still think that it is going overboard to out and out say that a character needs to lose a child just because we think they already have too many. I personally think that the writers should use this as a serious safe sex storyline. They are sending out all of the wrong messages right now with having a man just jump from one woman to another and never once use any sort of protection. I don't think that they needed to write either pregnancy into the storyline right now, as there are already too many babies on the show as it is. With them putting Ali in the overly big shirts and putting her into witness protection away from everyone, I really don't see why they felt the need to make Sami pregnant. At the same time, since Ari isn't really pregnant, and she was drinking when the pregnancy started, I think that they were very irresponsible to make her character pregnant as in doing so, they are sending out yet another wrong message to young people... saying it is perfectly ok to have unprotected sex with whomever they want and to drink like a fish all they want, because you can still have a perfectly healthy baby even when you are having at least "three drinks with every meal" like Nicole flat out admitted she had been doing up until she was told she was pregnant.
There are a lot of messages that Days has been sending out to younger viewers that they really shouldn't be.
Drinking before you find out you are pregnant (and Nicole hasn't had a drop since she found out she was pregnant) is nothing considering some of the other s/l's we've been forced to swallow as "acceptable" the past 2+ years. Being irresponsible in Nicole's case, would only occur if she kept drinking IMO. Actually I think Days sent out a good message as Nicole did stop drinking immediately. :shrug:

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