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Ugh, while I am thankful we get spoilers, I wish something could stop this bile that keeps coming up my throat. While I admit there are some interesting possibilities to the upcoming storylines, we all know current HW cannot pull it off. The problem is these storylines are written it almost sounds like by different people each week (instead of a good ole' fashion "key" swap from the '60s), maybe they do it with the writing? No wonder we were told none of us would suspect who it was. There has been no setup at all for Nick. I would be equally surprised if we found out it was Kate for that matter.

Why are all the women portrayed on this show as whiney little crybabies?
Why have all the men lost their balls?

The writing staff has secretly been replaced by a trained monkey that can get juice from a machine, recycle the box to get more coin to get more juice...no wait, that monkey can follow cause and effect...sorry monkey.
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