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Nov 1 2008, 07:02 PM
I'm back and I've had some time to cool off. While I understand that sometimes in order to further a storyline, I still think that it is going overboard to out and out say that a character needs to lose a child just because we think they already have too many. I personally think that the writers should use this as a serious safe sex storyline. They are sending out all of the wrong messages right now with having a man just jump from one woman to another and never once use any sort of protection. I don't think that they needed to write either pregnancy into the storyline right now, as there are already too many babies on the show as it is. With them putting Ali in the overly big shirts and putting her into witness protection away from everyone, I really don't see why they felt the need to make Sami pregnant. At the same time, since Ari isn't really pregnant, and she was drinking when the pregnancy started, I think that they were very irresponsible to make her character pregnant as in doing so, they are sending out yet another wrong message to young people... saying it is perfectly ok to have unprotected sex with whomever they want and to drink like a fish all they want, because you can still have a perfectly healthy baby even when you are having at least "three drinks with every meal" like Nicole flat out admitted she had been doing up until she was told she was pregnant.
Name a soap, though, that DOESN'T have someone getting pregnant from unprotected sex. That's part of the soap genre, and has been for decades. I don't see why Days should get slapped doing that. Even ER has had, I think, three female doctors get pregnant while unwed. I'm not saying that's necessarily right. But Days shouldn't get criticized alone because of it.
I will agree with you about the Sami pregnancy, though. I think it was unnecessary. In witness protection, for pete's sake, she could be sitting on the sofa a lot holding pillows over her stomach or she could be shot from shoulders up. There were ways around it without involving plants or Stan.
As far as losing a child...people will say what they want to say. In the end, IF a character loses a child to make for good drama, then that's part of life, which is what a soap dramatizes. It's a touchy subject if a character gets raped, too. Oh, my gosh, the hullabaloo about One Life to Live and an amnesiatic woman falling for her past rapist without knowing he was her rapist is really got people in an uproar. And, on One Life, there are two pregnant woman. One IS going to lose a baby, and it's going to be part of a baby-swap thing. OK, that might be too lame and overdone. I'll have to see it play out, but I think there could have been something different done with that. It's not a fresh idea.
And what about Zach's death on Days? This was a little boy who already bonded with the audience. It was heart-wrenching. I cried buckets for days. And it gave Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell (and Jason Cook) some of their best material ever. (Granted, the bullcrap that happened AFTER Zach was buried totally ruined it, but I digress).
Years ago, Marlena lost a baby to SIDS. I still get teary-eyed watching those clips. It was beautifully done, and the storyline where this incident helped rip apart her marriage to Don Craig was sadly, too realistic, but very well done.
So, really, for good soap, sad real life things need to be addressed. It's the way it's handled in the writing and acting that are the deciding factors in whether it's good soap or not.
If Nicole bears a disabled or addicted child due to her drinking (I doubt addicted, though, since she DID quit), I can only hope they'll give Ari dialogue that she can kick ass on. The way Ari has prepared herself since leaving Days the first time gives me hope that she will do the ultimate to give a storyline like this justice.
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