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Wow...I wish I could've gone. Sucks that it rained but it's worth it, I think. I wish they would do two a year...one in LA and one from Universal Orlando (where they went in 2000). That way they have an event on both coasts. I could probably get to Orlando.

I love how they came out of the Hard Rock with the Days music playing. Nice little birthday march. You could tell someone yelled at the stars on the red carpet because most of them were walking down the line and greeting fans and then all of a sudden no one did and they all started walking really fast. They all looked great. Nadia really works a red carpet LOL and James Scott looked really nervous. LMAO to Bryan. He really is alot of fun and Ali seemed so happy. She and Galen seem to get along well and Eric Martsolf got one hell of a crowd reaction, even in the promo. RJ looked great too. She was wearing something I oddly enough seem to recall her wearing on the show in the 90's.

Speaking of which, the show better dump the November promo on the site and use the one shown at the event because that one was a whole better (although I still don't see why you show Philip/Melanie in the same promo as Philip and Stephanie having what looks like a close moment). That promo included everything and really made you want to watch. Hopefully, they do what they did with the summer promo and use the long one because it's so much more inclusive and I wish we could get an up close reaction shot of the cast after the promo to see how they reacted. I always like to see that. I did like the end shot of the promo which showed most of the main characters. Nice way to hook people.

Nice that John Aniston was there. I didn't see Dee and Blake on the red carpet. I thought I heard the announce say something over the PA. Perhaps they got held up. Joe was really into this too LOL. How cute that SN and MBE and PR and KA came out holding hands. I think Drake and Dee would've too if she came down on time. Philip/Stephanie seemed to get a good crowd reaction too and I'm glad people reacted with "Oh no" when Nicole doubled over. When I read someone say she was booed, I was hoping that didn't happen. No one should be booed at an event like this IMO.

Hopefully, there will be more videos. I can't wait until they put more videos up on NBC with the exclusive interviews and such. Looks great and SN and MBE have an interview too. Maybe we can hear more about what is coming up and such.

It looked like a great fan event and a nice way to celebrate the anniversary of the show. As for Terry, I'm just glad no one got hurt or that there was not an incident. As Angie said, he can easily steal pictures and say they are his and he can just lie and say all his dreams came true and all that. It's hard to buy anything he says.

ETA: I just read on SON that Dee and Blake were stuck in traffic so that explains it. Seems Suzanne Rogers could not make it either. That sucks but pretty much everyone else was present. It also seems Bryan took his button down shirt off and SN tossed it over the ledge LOL. I'm surprised he didn't try to take off more LOL.
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