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Sep 29 2008, 09:10 AM
I must say that as a youngin', I didn't watch the early Tony and Anna days, but I was a freak for Dawson's Creek...so imagine my surprise when Anna returned last year and the first thing I saw was Ms. Jacobs...Pacey's hot teacher that he scored with in the grass of the Capeside park while Dawson caught it on film.
She was something else!!! I think I envy her more for kissing on Joshua Jackson than Thaao.

Thanks for sharing!!!
I've found this chat transcript a while ago and I'd like to share it here. It is not much, but still some nice words.
It is from an E!Online Chat with Josh Jackson back in 1998. I think only 2 or 3 episodes of "Dawson's Creek" had been aired yet.

"Q: How long is this teacher thing going to last?
A: I can only say you need to watch and wait--but it goes on quite a while.

Q: What's it like kissing a woman twice your age?
A: It's kind of like kissing a woman the same age as you--nice. Leann Hunley is a beautiful woman, so it was good for me.

Q: Doesn't it feel like you're kissing your mother?
A: No--come on! No slight against my mother--I love ya', Mom--but Leann is a beautiful woman, and my mother is...my mother.

Q: So far, I know you and the teacher get caught on tape, but the suspense is killing me.
What else can you tell me?
A: Dawson inadvertently catches us on tape. Things start to unravel. The tape comes out, and they become less and less careful about the relationship until it all unwinds down the road.

Q: How much is your high school experience on the show like yours was in real life?
A: Unfortunately, I didn't have the pleasure of an illicit affair with a stunning English teacher. But all the basic stuff we're going through is what everyone goes through--first dates and all that. No matter who you are, the first year of high school sucks. It's always an uncomfortable time."

That was that. Like I said not much, but nice.
I gotta tell you Josh will be the next George Clooney I bet.
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