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i didn't think i could hate melanie any more, but i do. i'm trying to remember if i hated chelsea this much when her and nick first started out, and i probably did, but it's hard to remember now that melanie is enemy number one in my book. it made me angry that nick doesn't seem to acknowledge that she is clearly only interested in him because of the grant and the funding. maybe he does know, and this is all a part of him playing her like a fiddle...not sure, but i wish the audience were in on it if that were the case. at least i'd be less frustrated.

i was up and down yelling at bo, hope and the judge today. fitzpatrick made a total mockery of the hearing(not that that is a big surprise in salem), but this went too far. hearsay and inadmissable evidence was allowed to be heard and considered. ej was warned not to speak even though that it his job as opposing counsel...it was just a mess and over the top. i wish bo and hope had acknowledged as much, or hell, at least acted with a little compassion instead of the smugness they did. it would be one thing if there was comparable evidence against nicole as there is melanie and caroline, but there just isn't. bo telling hope today that he wasn't sure nicole was guilty isn't enough either. it makes no sense to me why the focus was taken completely off of melanie just because they found a note from trent.

phillip's dream about melanie was cringe-inducing. i'm looking forward to more of his scenes with stephanie, though, if only they can mature her a little first.

alligato, i might be a sick little puppy, too...LOL..that scene where ej grabbed nicole by the throat and whispered in her ear...rawr! that was hot! sorry, but it was!
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