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Today was ok.

First off, I like that we are seeing alot more sets of late. Today we had the courthouse and Maggie and Mickey's (complete with bedrooms) and tomorrow we get the Cheatin Heart back. Kudos to Tomlin and crew for that.

Now, on to the show. I love seeing Judge Fitzpatrick. Always nice to see a familiar face and she can act. I love how sure EJ was because of her being on the case and her turning on the Dimera's was a nice subtle way of acknowledging how things have changed in that the Mayor that was in Stefano's pocket is dead (kid of sets things up for what will happen later this week as well). I like that because it's realistic and I hope they continue to play the corruption angle. Good courtroom scenes. Love that EJ wore glasses LOL. Nicole wanting Bo to shutup was funny too. I like that her past incidents with Colin and Victor are getting play. Nice touch. I like that Bo had doubts at the end. I think Hope did too but she thought she was alone in that. The Nicole/EJ scenes were good. Ari and James rocked that last scene and boy is there a hell of alot of hinting at her losing the baby. I really hope not because the way they are writing it and the way Ari is playing it...Nicole will fall apart. Big time. Would be good material for Ari though.

Really enjoyed Melanie/Nick/Chelsea. This triangle is such a goldmine. Melanie was horrible but that is who she is. It doesn't make her one note. We've seen her softer side (remember her feeling bad for Phillip after learning his mom was sick?). She has redeeming qualities. She just longs for wealth and power. She reminds me alot of a mini-Nicole. She likes to flirt when it benefits her and Nick hearing about his prototype and all the money associated with it alerted her to him having something huge that could benefit her. She takes advantage of him and their friendship because she knows she can because he likes her and she upped the ante when she felt she had to so she can ensure her claim on some of his money. I thought the scenes were well-acted by all three today. Loved how Chelsea eavesdropped and kudos to Blake for his subtle acting, which really helped in cluing the audience in to something not being right. He did a great job at the end when it was revealed he wrote the letters. Rachel and Blake always rock when they fight and their face off was very good. Loved it. I love how Chelsea keeps going to him for help and for him to listen and he keeps rejecting her. This story is shaping up to be something great.

Really enjoyed the Kate/Philip scenes. Jay and Lauren were great today. I love that they are showing Kate's vulnerability without making her some weepy heroine. She's still tough as nails and sassy. Higley is writing her much better this time around then in her 2003 stint. Loved both scenes with Kate and Daniel. Their connection is really becoming stronger and I find myself enjoying them more and more. Loved the background theme during their last scene. Very emotional. Kudos to Days on the way they are handling this story.

You know...I wasn't thinking about the age difference so the Philip/Melanie scene at the start actually didn't bother me. I saw chemistry but then I recalled her not being 18 yet and how hard it was to imagine them together and then I came to my senses LOL. I was happy with how it played. Philip is fascinated with her and finds her to be interesting and a challenge. She's a distraction during a difficult time and she's sort of a toy for him, which is very much in keeping with his father and his attributes. I think they are setting it up for later on so Melanie can use Philip for something. I don't expect any romance. If they were going there, their scenes would've played differently. Philip would not have treated Melanie how he did, especially when she tried to seduce him and he rejected her, and his reaction to the fantasy did not suggest a build up to romance.

Galen is doing ok and I do see chemistry with him and Ali. Not alot but there is something. They were boring today though but I think they are just laying some foundation and they will be dragging this out since it's Ali's maternity leave cover. I can see Sami wanting to escape though. She didn't know how confining it would be in witness protection. She didn't know how stringent it would be. No one really does until they are in the program and she was only leaving to make a call so I can understand her actions today. Yes, it was to get Galen shirtless but they had other reasoning then that IMO.

Not too bad today. A bit slow but it set things in motion nicely for the week to come and beyond.
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