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Nov 3 2008, 09:39 PM
i was up and down yelling at bo, hope and the judge today. fitzpatrick made a total mockery of the hearing(not that that is a big surprise in salem), but this went too far. hearsay and inadmissable evidence was allowed to be heard and considered. ej was warned not to speak even though that it his job as opposing counsel...it was just a mess and over the top. i wish bo and hope had acknowledged as much, or hell, at least acted with a little compassion instead of the smugness they did. it would be one thing if there was comparable evidence against nicole as there is melanie and caroline, but there just isn't. bo telling hope today that he wasn't sure nicole was guilty isn't enough either. it makes no sense to me why the focus was taken completely off of melanie just because they found a note from trent.

alligato, i might be a sick little puppy, too...LOL..that scene where ej grabbed nicole by the throat and whispered in her ear...rawr! that was hot! sorry, but it was!
know your legal stuff there, luvn?
Today's trial scene was ridiculous, and for another week, Bo and Hope just drive me nuts with their little attitudes. And I don't remember Caroline getting an orange jumper or Melanie for that matter! Why are they treating Nicole like this...all because of a note from a dead man? Correct me if I am wrong, but there is no evidence connecting Nicole to the murder weapon, right? Caroline's finger prints were on it...and for all we know, Nicole's little bead could have fallen off weeks ago at the cemetary...can anyone place her dress at the scene of the crime? Totally stupid!
Didn't they catch Melanie trying to flee Salem? Aren't they concerned why she isn't trying to find her father's killer?

Melanie's scene drove me crazy today, not because she was so transparent and Nick so clueless, but because of the little ticks...the hand by her eyes, gnashing teeth, hair flip, UGH! I think there has just been a little too much Melanie lately. I think we need a break from her for a little while...or at least a change of hair.

Sami and Rafe were cute, but so put-on. It seems so forced...like it is supposed to be cute and the set up for sexual tension and romance. And I don't know why it bothers me that he calls her princess. Sami has never been a princess. That was Carrie and Belle. Sami is scrappy and schemey.
And it still boggles me why Sami is trying to escape or get another guard. She was shot at and made a decision to do this. The more jeopard she puts herself in, the worse it is for her and the longer it will be before she sees her kids.

Didn't like Nicole crying, but laughed at her "what about MEEEEE" line. It's cute, but stop making Nicole whiny. Glad they have her working her way out of it on her own.

Kate did look great...they need to find the guy that did Bo's makeup when he had...uh...whatever he had. He looked like shit. I really don't think that LK can look like shit though.

Oh, and Philly's little fantasy lasted what, 2 seconds? And it got promo time? Was that really it? I still don't get why he is having sexual fantasies about Melanie...aside from her coming on to him. Philly needs a haircut, but he is one sexy beast. Get that man shirtless, please!

And maybe I totally need a life, but when Melanie kisses Nick, she gets a little into it and open mouth, but when she kisses Phillip, lips are shut. I wonder if MB is nervous in her scenes with JKJ because he is so damn gorgeous and older. BB is gorgeous too, but more on her level. Nevermind. It's late. I should end this!
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