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Nov 3 2008, 11:43 PM
I don't see what was so bad about the court hearing. There are many who can attest to Nicole trying to kill Victor and Colin and while no charges were filed, it does show that she has a history of violence. That isn't the most important thing though. The most important evidence is the fact that they can place her at the scene and she lied about her marriage. She tore up the license and Trent left a letter saying he felt threatened by her and that he felt she would try to kill him. Nicole lied about not seeing Trent the night of his death and had no alibi. I think they have valid reasoning and why should Bo and Hope not have attitude? They have never liked Nicole and EJ it all depends. It's not like we are talking about Lexie or something. That would be different.

Also, I think the judge was making a statement that she is no longer going to be influenced by the Dimera's. As I said, with the mayor gone, she may feel that it's ok to break from them now and may also feel she needs to because the mayor may have been her safety net. He was involved with the Dimera's and could save her from losing her job if the truth came out. He's gone now so she may feel it's time to cut ties before it's too late. I also think she sees the fact that Nicole is tied to the Dimera's (a fact she mentioned) as another reason not let her out on bail. They could help her leave town and get away with it because of who they are. Not only that but the judge may believe Nicole killed Trent because she felt no harm would come of her for doing it. EJ could help her out of it so that may be the thinking too.
Here's what was so bad about the court hearing (at least for those of us that actually care anything about legal stuff) -- there is NO way that a police officer would be allowed to give unsworn testimony, period. There is additionally NO way that a police officer would be allowed to testify about crimes for which the accused was never charged, let alone convicted. In fact, a prosecutor who tried to put that evidence in would probably be sanctioned by the judge, and the defense attorney who objected would not be told to keep quiet.

Yes, they have the torn up marriage license and Trent's letter. But, they had a knife with Caroline's fingerprints on it and she got bail. They had Melanie's "confession" and she never got arrested. They had Max's bloody shirt and he didn't even really get questioned all that much. So, yeah, I find the bail hearing to be beyond ridiculous.

That said, I know it's Days and they have a long history of making a complete mockery of anything legal related. I understand that and have lived with it for a long time. But, that doesn't mean it's still not irritating on a regular basis.
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